We had some Friday morning Facebook fun on The Morning Bull Pen this morning. Everyone was invited to determine what their 'Trucker Name' would be by following a couple of simple rules: Add the color of your shirt plus the thing you last ate - and it equals your 'Trucker Name'. I mean, everyone needs a Trucker Name, don't they?

That's a big 10-4 good buddy! Hey, I was a child of the '70s when everyone had a CB radio instead of an iPhone. We called out - 'breaker, breaker 1-9. You by the two-way?' We had some really funny answers from Yakimaniacs this morning who were well-dressed and well-fed and in the process, acquired awesome Trucker Names!

screenshot via Facebook
screenshot via Facebook
screenshot via Facebook
screenshot via Facebook

Well, that opened the floodgates and we discovered a lot about what people were wearing and eating this morning. Just listen to some of the very colorful Trucker Names:

Garvin Dodge

White bagel here... what’s yer 20 grey omelet?? Over

Marilyn Pulliam Boyd
Turquoise taters and gravy
Linda Cowden
Fushia Sunflower seed
Lori Jo
Charcoal Stir Fry...baby!
Jerry Wines
Blue striped chicken
Valerie Gifford
Purple cookie
Cheri Hill
Black bacon!
These only scratch the surface. Well over 100 new 'truckers' and counting have given it a shot. You should too. Hey, it's the weekend and time for a little fun. Things have gotten way too serious lately so just plain silliness is what the Doctor ordered. I'm not an actual Doctor, but, Go to the 92.9 The Bull Facebook Page now and discover the new you!

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