The other day, I was at a traffic light and when it turned green, I noticed that there were exactly three (3) black cars right in front of me.

"I need a new car," I thought to myself out loud.

I would love to get an SUV but I want it in a fun color, like Aqua Blue or Red. I have always wanted a red car but as a kid I heard that red cars cost more in car insurance. I also heard that red cars get involved in more accidents than any other cars of color.

Allstate Insurance says that the color of your car is not what's important, it's your driving record and in some states your credit rating, too.

Speaking of which, Washington state just passed a law that will prevent car insurance companies from charging you extra fees because you happen to have low or bad credit. (What a relief to so many people!) I am almost positive that the people who put the original law in place to charge bad credit fees were lobbyists from the car insurance industry, how much you wanna bet?

I've got my eye on this one car that is all-wheel drive at a local used car lot. It is gray, though. I am tired of gray cars (my current car is a dark charcoal gray). Now that I know the color car you have doesn't raise your insurance rates, I'm gonna get it painted in RED!

Better All Cadillac AWD
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