When I think of spoiling a pet I think of giving the dog a freshly cooked steak or a few pieces of chicken for the cat.

We do buy the cats Christmas gifts. All four of our cats get a new toy. (Other than one cat, who gets clothes. He looks kickin in his scarf or little coat.) Even our newly added sugar glider received some new toys at Christmas.

When I was growing up my dad would load us kids up along with the dog in the car and take us to Stop N Go for ice cream. The dog would always get his own cone.

But I believe THIS story goes a smidge over on the spoiling of pets. A Saudi prince recently bought 80 plane tickets for his pet hawks, which were flying from Saudi Arabia to New York. If you look up the average cost of a flight from Saudi Arabia to New York, it's around $600 per ticket. Multiply that by 80 and the grand total is $48,000!

You probably haven't gone to that much of an extreme, but have you bought your pet something extravagant?

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