It's impossible. I mean, everything is closed and no one wanted to deliver.

Couch empty

On March 9th, I moved from Monterey California, to my new home - Yakima Washington. I moved here with Lisa and our cat, Kitty.

Before I left Cali, I sold all my living room furniture that was leftover post-divorce (you prolly know how that goes). In fact, the only furniture we didn’t have was living room furniture. We decided that we would buy once we got into town and support the local Yakima economy. Good plan right?

You hear that? That's God laughing. Cause we had a plan. I hate it when God laughs at me.

We got into town, started looking at housing, then - Rona. Yep, Everything shut down. EVERYTHING. March 22nd, we got our place on "Wisteria Lane" and moved in. We had all the rooms furnished, with the exception of our living room. Not a single furniture store was open. We called places locally. We looked on Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, etc. We found stuff that we liked, but they would not deliver to Yakima for some reason (Rona anyone?).

So, I decided to put down some masking tape to replicate where furniture would set when we got some. That will get me by.

couch tape 1

After a couple weeks, we realized, it may be a few weeks or more before we get furniture. Wal-Mart and Target were the only stores open, and we considered getting some furniture there just to get by. But nothing worked. So we kept looking. I checked Amazon again. They still won’t deliver to my zip code. So I tried multiple zip codes in Yakima. Nope. We ain't deliverin' to you there you Rona lovers.


April 7th. I looked on Amazon and saw a couch I really liked. Again, they would not deliver to Yakima. So I called them. They were surprisingly helpful. I was told deliveries were stopped but they were starting up again next week. So if ordered today, when could I get it? May 8th I was told. Great! SOLD! Now we have a couch – on the way. I’ll take it!

I got the dimensions off their website and laid tape down where the couch would land. I kinda got excited about the idea of a furnished living room again.

couch tape 3

On April 10th, I was told my couch was being shipped. YAY! Success! We are gonna have a place to sit! I looked at the details on the notification. It said it was on a truck coming from Seattle and be here by May 8th. Wait, Seattle is 3 hours away. Why is it going to take A MONTH to get here?!? Turns out, the truck had several stops to make on its way to LA, then make it's way back to Washington? Look, I am no logistics expert, but that just didn’t sound right.

My couch is gonna drive right by me. "Hey, couch delivery guys! Can you drop off my stuff on your way?!?" No, they can’t. Why? "Logistics". I am told. Logistics - code for "Someone messed up and Jim ain't getting his couch anytime soon”. Ugh.

I celebrated by replacing the blue masking tape on the floor with another layout design of blue masking tape on the carpet. It didn’t help my frustration.

I then remembered that there were those who were sick and people had lost their jobs. My little problem was nothing compared to the folks affected by Rona. Suck it up Jim!

After a couple weeks, I received a notification that my West Coast touring couch was Yakima bound! It will be here on Saturday May 9th! Victory!

We treated it like a holiday. May 9th! Couch day!

couch phase 1

Woke up on Couch Day (May 9th in case you forgot) and cleaned the floor. Got a knock on the door - It's here!

The delivery guys brought in three large boxes. I unpacked and set up. Yep, right where that blue masking tape was.

Set up was easy and it looks great. I love it. It’s now “home”.

Couch finished


couch phase 2

If you are ever near "Wisteria Lane", we would love to share a cold one with ya.

Oh, and  if you can help it, don’t move during ‘Rona. You could be couch less for months at a time.


All My Best,


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