As a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding, I've been using the website A Practical Wedding.

A bride recently posted on the website that she was upset because her bridesmaid did not buy her a wedding gift.

Here's what she posted:

"It wouldn't bother me so much except that she is my best friend from growing up, a bridesmaid in our small wedding party, and she brought her boyfriend to our wedding. Maybe she thought that she didn't have to give us a wedding gift because she was a bridesmaid.

"I know I should confront her but I don't know where to begin."

First of all, it may be an honor to be in the wedding, but it also comes with plenty of costs and some may struggle just to pay for what's necessary.

Second, if you base your friendship on your friend buying you a gift, then there is something very wrong.

I was raised that you take a gift to a wedding whether it's money or an actual gift item ... you never go without a gift.

Does the bride have a right to be upset with the bridesmaid for not buying a wedding gift?

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