The grass is green and the flowers are blooming, but don't be fooled. Mother Nature is going to take one more stab at winter here in Central Washington.

I remember last year when we still had snow on the ground, but this year seems to have been a more mild winter. Then again, winter isn't done yet.

According to the Northwest Weather Service out of Pendleton, Ore., a return to more winter-like weather is in the forecast.

You can expect a mix of rain and snow in the lower elevations. The majority of locations could see less than an inch of snow but the mountains are going to get some more snow.

The Blue and Wallowa mountains are expected to get another 3-6 inches for snow while the Cascade Range will see 7-12 inches of new snow.

We'll also have gusty winds Saturday, bringing those temperatures below freezing overnight.

The Weather Service is recommending safeguarding your early growing plants.

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