Well, now that I have your attention, lemme tell you about how much the good citizens of Washington State love their beer.

A lot.

That settles it. Washington State loves their beer and no reason why not. The Yakima Valley, alone, is home to 75% of the hops used in beer across the United States. We have several brew pubs opening often across the state. Washington has some of the best beer festivals in the world including our Fresh Hop Ale Festival which has people flying from all over just to sample some of the best fresh hop ales ever.

But, with this information, what city would be the drunkest in the state?

Young handsome man passed out on sofa in messy room after party

If you're from Bellingham, is this you? Well, it'd make sense.

Bellingham, according to 24/7 Wall St, is the drunkest city in all of Washington State

That's right, more-so than Yakima, if you can believe it.

Bellingham is host to 22.9% of adults to drink excessively compared to the 18% average.
Bellingham also runs 13th highest of the states for countywide driving deaths involving alcohol. Never good.

This isn't necessarily the information that's good news by any accounts but knowing this could mean information if you were planning on moving there or living there.

It's unfortunate as Bellingham is also one of the prettiest cities so it's definitely worth a visit if you have the chance. It's just one of those things of, through process of elimination, Bellingham makes the list today on this unfortunate list.

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