Do you ever like to treat yourself every once in a while? I do espeically when I'm out of town and couldn't get the treat in Yakima if I wanted to.

I've always been a fan of crepes, I usually eat them with some sort of fruit and whip cream for breakfast. They mix things up a little and offer a different texture than a pancake or toast. Now, imagine having one that tasted so good you might oder them everyday if you could.

In downtown Seattle next to the convention center there is a little crepe stand called La Creperie Voila and man is it good. I just recently had the Fresh Lemon and sugar crepe made fresh. Right off the crepe grill with fresh ingredients was so tasty I almost went back for another. The tangy flavor of lemon juice and the sweet granuals of sugar made for a sweet morning treat in downtown Seattle. So the next time you are by the WA State Cnvention Center in Downtown Seattle make sure to try the Crepe place, formally know as La Creperie Voila. Bon appetite!

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