I've been loving my time in Eastern Washington, and I especially love that I don't go broke on a night out. Living in Seattle I learned how fast a day in the city can leave you hurting for cash. Lucky for you, I picked up a few things you can do without having to break the bank.

While I know there are countless amazing things to do in The Emerald City, I wanted to narrow it down to my top five favorites to share. If you get the chance to do any of these I'd love to see your pictures, videos, and anything else ya have!

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1.) Check Out Pike Place Market

From watching fish fly to seeing the collection of the biggest shoes ever there are endless possibilities at pike place. With 9 acres of land, it’s the largest farmers' market in the country. To start, Just out front you can see the pike place fish market where vendors are tossing fish back and forth and having fun with the crowd. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy you can always check out the fresh flowers and food they have to offer the further down you go. did we mention that pike place has two stories? On the first floor, you can work your way to a nerdier sanctum called Golden Age Collectibles.

if you’re still not satisfied there are two awesome photo opportunities. Right across the street is the Hard Rock Cafe and right out front of it is the sidewalk. It may sound crazy, but that sidewalk is legendary for pictures including a famous one of Jimi Hendrix! Right down around the corner from pike place is the infamous Gum Wall! Leave your mark on Seattle with your favorite chewing gum and make sure to snag a selfie!

2) There is a Troll Under The Freemont Bridge

Not just any troll, the giant Fremont bridge troll! Freemont is an awesome neighborhood with its own farmers market on select days but lucky for you that troll isn’t going anywhere. The Freemont troll was built in 1990 by sculptors
Steve Badanes Will Martin Donna Walter Ross Whitehead
It is tucked away right under Freemont bridge but with plenty of room for selfies and pictures. He’s hard to miss made completely out of stone and crushing a real, yes real, Volkswagen bug!

3) Dick's Burgers - They're Tastier Than it Sounds!

Dick’s Burgers is an absolute staple in Seattle, founded in 1952 by Dick Spadey. Some will claim it’s the best burgers around but I’ll let you be the judge of that. Dick’s is known for anyone who goes around the Seattle area for games, concerts, and events as being the only place open late at night. I’ve stopped by countless times after concerts at the shoebox to the Neptune theater. Dick’s has the basic cheeseburgers long with deluxe burgers, fries, drinks, and shakes. The best part is they’re probably the cheapest burgers in town! I always suggest to first-timers to do a Dick’s Deluxe with fries and a chocolate shake! You just can’t go wrong with classics!

4) Beth's Cafe

A local diner founded in 1954 it’s home to the famous 12 egg omelets, if eggs aren’t your thing trust me Beth's Diner has everything under the sun from breakfast to lunch. It’s a small little diner so don’t blink or you’ll miss it! Everything is fairly priced and you always walk out with a little extra to take home! Don’t forget to bring your artistic side because they love you to display it all over the walls and ceilings!!!

5) A Seattle Mariners Game

America’s pastime is best spent in T-Mobile park! It’s got a little something for everyone! From Garlic fries and Mariner’s dogs to a small museum of mariner’s history and of course ice-cold beer. I know what you’re thinking too. “How is that cheap?!” Well, I always grab the cheapest ticket’s available in the bleachers then head down to the beer garden to watch the game! It’s all standing room but you’re right next to the outfield, enjoying your booze, food, and new mariners gear while you watch the game! What better time to do it than now, covid restrictions are lifted in the park and the mariners have been a much better team this year. Not to mention if you want a summer getaway this place is the best for a hot day.

Ryder Does Seattle!

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