With the ability to broadcast live coming more and more popular thanks to things like Twitch and Periscope, Facebook is answering back with it's own live streaming service that you can do right now on your mobile device.

If you have the Facebook app, you can already do this.


Just click that photo of the man with the circles around his head and it'll connect. The first time I tried to connect, it said connecting for a couple of minutes. I ended up exiting the stream attempt and went back in and it worked just fine.

It'll give you a chance to type in a headline. There's also room below your viewfinder (which you can go from selfie to outer-camera view in the middle of recording) to feature updated likes and comments so you can chat with your audience.

This option will show up on your personal Facebook account as well as any LIKE pages (business pages) you manage.

Once more and more people find out about this feature, I forsee our Facebook walls covered with feeds of everyone's live lunch break. I also see people doing this for concerts and more. We'll see.

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