Valentine's Day is on the way this month, but February also lays claim to National Marriage Month here in the good ole USA. We've all heard the jokes about a "happy wife means a happy life" and I guess that's true to some extent. Here are some interesting stats from marriages here in the US. Did you know that...

• 60% of wives are responsible for balancing the checkbook.
• 56% of wives are in charge of paying all the bills.
• 38% of wives are in complete control of the family budget.
• 53% of married people tell spouses they love them at least once a day.
• 69% of married people say there are no secrets in their marriage.

Communication is the key, but knowing how to communicate effectively is the real trick. Washington State is known for very high divorce rates. There is a four-way tie leading the list of the states with the most divorces in the USA. Washington State, which has a divorce rate of 12.5% and several counties in our state actually have an even greater divorce rate. In Cowlitz County, 14.9% of residents over 15 reported being divorced and in Lewis County, 15.1% did. I guess we should go back to the quote "Happy wife, happy life." True love may be hard to find in today's world and statistically in WA State it's even tougher to make last. The problem is that it takes two to tango and people in relationships tend to see it from their perspective and think they are correct and the other person needs to change. Relationships are a fragile eco-system and frankly they take a lot of work and forgiveness and most of all love. Good luck in your relationship in the month of LOVE! If you break up or don't have someone don't worry, Cupid will find you again. He's been busy!