Having just returned from my honeymoon, I've had another chance to experience airline service as a passenger. In observing how they do business these days, I had a few thoughts on how they could better serve their customers:

  1. FREE quality wifi for all passengers: Some airlines offer free wifi, but it's not quality and there are options to pay for monthly passes if you travel frequently. But they should just give you a wifi password and let you browse free.
  2. Pre-registration for inflight service: You know how they come around and offer you food and a digi-player and you pay on the spot? When you book your ticket they should have an option to check a box and pre-pay for the service. Helps the airline plan and allows you to get a meal or digi-player before they run out.
  3. Have a small bottle of water waiting for every passenger. It seems like it takes forever for that first beverage cart to make it to my row, in the meantime I'm parched in a compressed chamber. It would be great branding and bring back that special touch of service airlines use to be known for before they all went bankrupt.
  4. Bring back blankets and pillows. Apparently I haven't flown in a while because when I asked for a fresh blanket and pillow I was kindly informed by the Alaska Airlines flight attendant that they no longer offer those. Don't take things like this away, bring them back and make flying comfortable and special again.
  5. Larger rows: In an effort to make more money airlines want to cram more people onto planes, and the rows seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Flying should be comfortable, and if airlines don't do anything of the other suggestions I would be happy with larger rows.

But what do I know anyway? I only fly a few times a year. Still, I really hope air travel gets back to what it used to be when I was a kid: a fun, comfortable experience with great customer service. Instead of hurry-up-and-get-through-this inflight service so I can check my Facebook.