Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

Jamie worked at Regional Hospital before it closed as graveyard security. During rounds, he was responsible for checking the old saint Elizabeths hall and make sure no one was hiding on any of the three floors. One night he'd just cleared the top floor and was taking the staircase down to the second floor. When he opened the door and looked into the hall down at the other end he saw what looked like an old-time nurse! Like the ones you would see in the pictures from when it was first built, go walking into one of the rooms. Jamie took the stairs all the way down and did not go back till morning.

The Shadow

Another time Jamie was patrolling the Regional Hospital on the 5th floor on the new side across from where the old rehab/cardiac unit was. It had not been used for some time and while he was walking through he heard what sounded like boxes being moved around in the portion where the old surgery part used to be. It may have been one of the homeless hiding so he popped in real quick and all of a sudden the noises stopped. He looked around and saw nothing. He checked everywhere. He walked out the door and as soon as it closed the noises started up again! Obviously, at this point, he is booking it back down to the main level. Another guard told him about his experience on the 5th floor where he was in a room and heard footsteps than saw a shadow dart past so he jumped up and opened the door but there was nothing out there. The hallways are long so he would have been able to see someone before they reached the end of it.

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The Haunted Hospital Room

Katrina, had a male nurse (co-worker) tell her about a haunted room on the 3rd floor of Regional Hospital, right next to the Peds unit. She had a traumatic accident, had emergency surgery, and ended up in that very room and that same co-worker ended up being one of her nurses that night! She had several experiences in that room. Three times she woke up to someone at my bedside, leaning into her mattress but nobody was there!


I Saw Grandpa

When Terrance was 8 yrs old, his dad was admitted to Regional Hospital for cardiac arrest. While he and his Mom were waiting they both saw Terrance's papa (Grandpa) sitting on a chair by Dad. He looked at Terrance and said, "Your Dad is going to be okay." Terrance's Grandpa died of a cardiac arrest at Regional before he ever got to meet him...until right then! The next day Terrance's Dad woke up and is doing fine these days but Terrance still remembers it like it was yesterday. With his Dad almost dying, imagine the stress and fear he had that young, it's something he has never forgotten.

Happy to Help!

Melissa worked in Peds during the time that it was open at Regional. A lot of times there were only a few patients, so there was only one nurse and one NAC assigned to the unit. On two different occasions, the nurse would go into the room to take vital signs, and both times, the mothers of the patients reported that another nurse had just been in to check on them! But, there was no other nurse!

 (I’m just saying from a nurses’ standpoint- if ghosts are going to be checking on patients, they should have to chart it,  too ) - Melissa


Kristal says yes!!! She had to work in the older portion of Regional Hospital, where a lot of stuff happened. Machines would start-up, you'd get the feeling like someone was touching you, seeing nurses that weren't actually there. Just creepy stuff.
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Katrina confirms the same thing about hearing stories of nurse would be dressed in old fashioned nursing attire.
Interesting enough, Regional Hospital is no more but the building has just been purchased by Hogback Development. I am SUPER curious if the activity will still happen once the building is turned into whatever is next!
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