Have you ever taken a photo and noticed you've captured more than what you were focused on? From orbs to unexplained shadows, there is always a friend of a friend who has a story, and thankfully our listeners have delivered once again.

Michelle Coronado
After the accident

The Car Crash

It's always terrifying to be in a car accident and the above photo looks pretty wild. Luckily no one, living, was injured in the crash. The Dad was taking photos of the vehicle for insurance purposes when they noticed a figure in the upper right corner!

Michelle Coronado
That looks just like Grandma!

The Security Camera

No one was in the room however the security camera caught movement. To the shock of everyone who watched it, Grandma was up and walking around. The wildest part about that. Grandma had recently passed away and the resemblance to her is uncanny!

Darlene Salamanca

Ghost Baby

It could be a shadow or do we have another Annabell on our hands?

Karee Bullion
What the what?

In the Middle of Nowhere

Peachez said, "Yea this was just a pic taken in South Dakota at my brother's farm, in the middle of nowhere. Nobody was in front of me when I took this pic!! I was just taking a pic of the moon and sent it to a friend, I actually didn’t even notice what was on camera until the next day when my friend had lightened it and sent it back to me

Raven Schlosser
Upper Right


Raven just trying to take a photo of her flowers while she was alone in the house, but now you have to wonder. Is she ever really alone?

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