Fred G Redmond Bridge apparently is a very active location says Kelly Adkins

24th Cemetary I drove thru there one night around 10 pm with both of my daughters. My youngest was probably 4 at the time, had no clue what cemeteries were or the fact that we were driving thru one. I drove along the fence line that separates the 2 cemeteries. In the middle of the cemetery, my youngest asked her sister and me "Did you guys hear that?" We just freaking looked at each other like.....what? Crazy! We got out onto 24th and my youngest got mad and wanted to go back. She definitely had an experience but she was too young to know it and I didn't wanna press for details. - Katrina Withrow

The Savoy

Amber Isabel

The old savoy my partner use to work there as manager we had a monitor camera system that I would check from time to time well one night I just felt like looking at the cameras to see what going on out side well the side camera looking towards the bank I saw a man running to the bank but as soon as he got to the light pole I realized that he was see through and completely vanished in front of my eyes I got so excited I would check the cameras every night and I only saw the same thing 2 other nights I think it’s residual haunting though it sure was creepy


It is now Main Street on the Ave, I'll reach out and see if they have experienced anything since moving in. Apparently, Suzie Utter-Miller said there is a ghost of a lady dressed in white that hangs out in the area that's roped off, and if you're in the bathroom, you feel like someone is watching you!

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