I was watching the clock with sadness and excitement. Sad ... that the show and characters I love was coming to an end. Excited ... as to how it would all end. (Hopefully, not like the dumb ending "The Sopranos" had!)

I started crying before it even aired ... the final episode of "True Blood." Then, I cried as the song played, "I wanna do bad things to you."

More tears as Sookie honored Bill's wish ... to meet the true death. Even more tears as Sookie finally embraced her fate, something that she had felt was a curse.

The story had been about her journey all along with love, loss and growth.

Even though many fans wanted to see her with Eric I knew that's not how the show's writers would end it.

In the true end ...

Pam and Eric set fire to Gus and went on as the proud owners of New Blood, which they made bank on!

Hoyt and Jessica were married so that Bill could walk her down the aisle before he met the true death.

Jason ended up with Bridget with three kids.

Sarah Newlin remained the Hep V cure as Eric and Pam's hostage. A perfect place for a horrible person!

Sookie ends up pregnant celebrating Thanksgiving four years later with a huge table full of the Bon Temps residents we've grown to love. She hugs a mystery guy who we only get a glimpse of the back of his head. UGH! I want to know who this guy is!

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