Today marks the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express. The Pony Express was a mail service that started in 1860. It is how our mail service got started. Google thought that it would be fun to have a game about the Pony Express when you log in. It is fun but I kinda suck at it!The Pony Express would deliver pretty much anything from packages to the newspapers from St.l Joseph, Missouri, over the Rocky Mountains all the way to Sacramento, California. They did this all on horseback using different stations to switch out horses.

It is crazy to think how much they had to endure during these times.  I have traveled that route in a car and it is still crazy.

Google is always thinking of fun ideas to make our internet searching more enjoyable and they certainly do a fantastic job. Log into Google and have fun.

Google Screen shot

In the game you have to gather up as much mail as you can and overcome all obstacles. Trees, rocks, snow falling, rivers and mountains. Once one mission is complete you end up back in a barn and switch out your horse.

Google Screen shot

As you can see, I didn't do very well.

Here is a brief history on the artwork Google did.

Google will always be my favorite search engine!