It's hard not to want to be the cool house on the block and hand out those full-sized bars, but there are some things you should think about before you make that full-sized decision.

First, you really should consider what being overzealous says to your neighbors. I mean, if that doesn't say competition and "look at me" I don't know what does! Do you really want your neighbors giving you the side-eye for one-upping them?

The other thing you really have to remember is ... are you willing to do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR? Or beat what you did this year, next year? If the answer to that is no or I don't know, you should probably stick to the fun sizes. Because setting the bar high on candy and disappointing the following year is a sure-fire way to move your house to the top of the "To Be T.P.'d" list.

If you are still not sure because in the back of your mind you are telling yourself, the kids won't remember what house handed out the full-sized candy bars next year -- you are DEAD WRONG. I am 28 and still remember which house in my neighborhood handed out the big candy bars. So no, we may not always remember our homework, but you can bet the full-sized candy bar we will remember. We'll remember your house, the color of your house and the decorations you had every year!

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