I can't say that I do or don't believe in the paranormal. I've had a few experiences, but not to the point that I've actually seen a ghost. Or at least I'm not sure if I saw one.

When we first moved into the house that we built, I fell on the couch once. I was about seven months pregnant with Jackson. We had bought the land to build our house from my husband's grandma. She had always wanted something done with that land, so she was super happy to sell it and see our house being built. Unfortunately, she passed away before the house was completed.

But as I dozed on the couch, all of a sudden the radio turned on at exactly midnight, waking me from my sleep. It startled me at first, and I turned it off. Then I went to check on my two kids, thinking maybe they had turned it on. But they were fast asleep in bed. It never happened again, so it could have been a fluke. In my mind, I did think that maybe it was my husband's grandma.

More recently, my dad passed away in October. Various family members are bigger believers than I am, so they kept telling me stories about seeing my dad. I tried not to let it upset me. I think I was more upset by the fact that my dad hadn't visited me than the fact that they were telling rubbish about him visiting them. And then it happened -- I was super tired after the morning show. I was experiencing a lot of emotional exhaustion at that time. I was asleep and I remember waking up seeing my dad standing next to my bed. He was wearing his black jeans and maroon long sleeve button-up shirt. He only said my name and then he was gone. To this day, I don't know if it was real. Like I said, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I remember that I was upset that he didn't stay longer or say more to me.

Have you seen a ghost? Had a paranormal experience?

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