Some people went out of town, others hosted barbecues and get-togethers --but in our home, we made fish sticks and played board games!

Fish sticks. I know, but it's a thing in our house that when we have game night, the kids (just Justin, because Easton doesn't know what he wants) pick dinner and what games we play. So we baked some fish sticks and played a nice round of Watch Your Mouth!

Interesting fact: We have had this game for almost a year and this is the first time it has been picked for game night! We quickly learned we didn't have enough people to play it correctly, so we modified it to fit the three of us! Jordan and I tied and then we faced off with an intense game of rock paper scissors, which I lost.

What did you do this weekend? Send us your pictures!

Townsquare Media/Cheyenne
Townsquare Media/Cheyenne


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