Last week I had an Uber Eats delivery driver give me a sweet little treat baggie with my lunch delivery, and I was excited that I got it! But it made me think: How much are the delivery drivers making here in Yakima?

I decided to ask the question to Uber Eats drivers here in town, because I didn't think the Uber Eats company would send their drivers extra money to give out little gifts. Which means the drivers must make enough to feel comfortable spending the extra money.

I gave the options in my poll for $50-$100, $160-$250, $260-$300, and over $300 a month. According to the poll most people in Yakima who drive for Uber Eats are making over $300, which is amazing to me!

I am not sure what it takes to drive for Uber Eats and I am assuming that you would need to have a car that gets great gas mileage for it to be worth it. But nonetheless, I am still sure impressed by how much these delivery drivers are bringing home.

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