In honor of wedding month we are giving away tickets to the Central Washington Bridal show this Sunday at the Yakima Convention Center. The show starts at 10 Am and the many vendors will be vying for each bride's business. You all know that the Bride runs the show, right!? I've been a wedding DJ for over 8 years and was surprised to see the average cost of what it takes to put on a killer reception these days. Here are the "average" costs to throw the after ceremony shindig. The total is around $15,000

  • Cake: $410 (Sounds fair)
  • Music/DJ: $971 (That's about right, it all depends on what the DJ has to do)
  • Reception: $14,540 (The Venue should be the most expesive cost)
  • Flowers: $1,500 (I had my aunt do them for cheap)
  • Honeymoon: $6,000 (I think my wife and I spent less than half that)
  • Wedding dress: $1,450 (Yep, just ask your Dad to pay for the dress)

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