You know that feeling of finding $5 in your pocket and it just makes your day? That happened to me yesterday - on steroids.

Before moving to Yakima in March, I had been out of work for a couple of weeks after a massive layoff at my previous employer. I decided to apply for Unemployment Insurance. I have been blessed to be consistently employed since I got out of high school, so I had plenty to draw from as I was job searching. The last time I drew unemployment insurance was right for a short time when I was doing construction in between jobs. The process was all paper driven, including paper checks in the mail.

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My most recent experience was all digital - including getting my funds via a debit card that came loaded with money. It would re-load every couple of weeks as I looked for employment. Believe me, those funds came in handy.

After deciding to move to Yakima, we were busy with the move, finding housing, adjusting to new jobs, and then of course, COVID. With all that was going on, I completely forgot about my Unemployment Debit card - until yesterday.

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Was at Los Hernandez on the West side picking up some food when I went to pay for it, when I noticed a card buried in my wallet. I pulled it out and there it was - my Unemployment Debit card. I looked on the back of the card and saw a customer service number. So I called it. An extremely comforting digital voice asked if I wanted to check my balance. I uttered "Yes" confidently. That when the good news came through my device's speaker - "Your current balance is $343.63." 

NICE! Money I forgot about! I started thinking immediately, "How can I spend it? A new set of golf clubs? A new iPad? A new watch?" (I am a proud a watch lover / collector). Then the practical side of me said, "Nope, save it for a rainy day."

I am glad I did. Because about an hour later, my youngest daughter Shelby called and informed me that she needed a new Chrome Book for school. After a brief conversation, I told her with confidence, "Pick one out, link it to me and I will order tonight." She was excited, "Thank you Dad!" It arrives on her doorstep tomorrow.

Am SUPER thankful that I found this money I had forgot about. I also felt proud of myself for NOT spending it on myself. Sure some new golf clubs would be great, but getting a computer for my daughter with money I forgot about? Priceless.


All My Best,


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