You know how we hear about cultural shifts. When things change over time? How does that happen? What does that shift in it’s infancy look like?

Just know, we are in one now. We are watching it unfold right now as we speak. We usually see this happen Post-facto. But in this case, we are watching it unfold in real time.

I am talking about wearing white, after Labor Day.

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It used to be after Labor Day, the rule was, you put your white clothes away for the season until Memorial Day. That WAS our window. Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of Summer, until Labor Day – the unofficial end of summer.

But that, has been thrown out the, err, window (which is a paradox?).

I blame 2020, ‘cause, I can. I could say it was a game changer, but the game has been changing slowly over the years as most traditions do.

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The "you can't wear white after Labor Day," rule was created in the late 1800’s to separate the Old Money elitists from the “new money group”, which Old Money did not respect. For those who had money and could leave the city during warmer months, the color white was considered vacation attire and still is. The elites made sure this became the norm by the 50’s and has been a rule ever since.

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I went to Cancun a couple years ago and had to get a couple white outfits – shorts, shirts and whatnot. I justified it at the time as “the color white is cooler and lighter in the heat”. I mean, there was some truth to it. Mostly it was me seeing other exotic vacationers wearing white on those Sandals Resort ads where everyone is always having a great time. I wanted to have fun too – so, white clothes were purchased. Haven’t worn them since. I did have fun though.

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Over the years, this became a “thing”. Now we are witnessing the death of a tradition originally born of exclusion.

So, as it dies, we ask you to buck tradition. Wear white on Halloween. On Thursday. On Black Friday. Am glad this silly rule is on its way out.

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Now, how do get that stupid, outdated, confusing, pointless bi-annual tradition of Daylight Savings time addressed?


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