I've been craving street tacos for a while and though I am not aware of many drive-through versions I decided for Foodie Friday's with Sarah J powered by Coca-Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities a stop at Mercedes & Family, located at 2201 West Lincoln Ave.
Open Monday-Friday 10 am 7 pm they are serving up some DELICIOUS and authentic Mexican food.

What once used to be Sharky's Pizza, this spot has a lot of seating available around the inside of the building and three hot sauces to choose from. Mild salsa, green salsa, or HOT! The menu is simple, perfect to not overwhelm when you're feeling famished, and after asking what was the most popular menu item. I was told, it's the tacos! Perfect because that's what I've been wanting.

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The beef tacos come with three tacos, served with house-made flour tortillas that are thicker than your typical street taco and super filling. The meat is juicy and full of flavor, sprinkled with purple onion and cilantro. The meal is served with a side of freshly made rice that is really delicious and the same description for the creamy beans. As hungry as I was, I could only finish off one taco and half of the rice and beans on my first go.

Wanting to check out other items on the menu I went with another favorite of mine, the Chili Relleno. It is also served with delicious rice and beans. The Chile Relleno looks like it's been dipped in batter, almost like eggplant parmesan. With a red sauce and what I believe is xijolte cheese sprinkled on top, it brings a little saltiness to the dish and the cheese stretch is impressive.

Mercedes & Family

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