The air quality in the Yakima Valley remains listed as 'Hazardous' to your health as of Tuesday evening and it looks as though any hope of substantial clearing won't be until the weekend. The National Weather Service has issued an AIR QUALITY ALERT which is in effect until Friday at 12 Noon. Let's hope the possible rain activity will help.

Here's the official weather statement from NOAA for our region:


The Washington State Department of Ecology has issued an Air Quality effect until noon PDT Friday.

A Smoke Air Quality Alert has been issued. Wildfires burning in the

region combined with forecasted conditions will cause air quality to

reach unhealthy levels.

Pollutants in smoke can cause burning eyes...runny nose...aggravate

heart and lung diseases...and aggravate other serious health

problems.  Limit outdoor activities and keep children indoors if it

is smoky. Please follow medical advice if you have a heart or lung


A review of air quality as of the writing of this article demonstrates just how problematic breathing this thick, smokey air can be. See real-time updates at

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The scale of 300 to 500 is Hazardous. Yakima still looms just beyond the bottom threshold. But, ask folks in the lower valley, they'll tell you it could be much worse.

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Wow. A few miles down I-82 and it doesn't get much better.

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Please be careful and follow all recommendations provided by the authorities.

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