They announced it today – you can now interactively cheer on the Mariners on opening day this Saturday as they play the Astros in Houston. Most of you won’t be able to be there because it’s in Houston. And because, COVID.

Until then, you’ll have to settle for digital “out of person” interaction.

Here’s how it will work.

Miami Marlins v San Diego Padres

Major League Baseball is launching a new interactive feature where you can cheer, boo, or clap digitally during the game.

Scoreboard operators at the ballparks will adjust the artificial crowd noise to match what you and the other fans are doing and how they are interacting. If more fans hit the “Cheer” button, the “Digital Cheers” will be louder on TV. The less active the fans, the less digital noise there will be in the empty stadium.

Yes, it will be weird, but this is 2020 – what did you expect?

So let's say an Oakland A’s batter gets beaned (wouldn't that be a shame?) - and everyone at home cheers. With a push of a button, the stadium will erupt with digital cheers via our collective fingertips.


Since we are in "12th Man" Territory (I know that’s a Seahawks thing) and since noise = energy, I expect Seattlians to be very vocal as the Mariners play their first home game against the Oakland A’s at Safeco Field July 31st.

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This social experiment AKA, "A Solid Plan D", will be available through the MLB website, the Gameday app, and through social media links on opening day.

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