Kennewick Police have announced after a year-long investigation involving Pasco PD, Richland and West Richland PD, Benton and Franklin County Deputies, and other agencies, 8 people have been arrested and a drug ring was broken up.

A lot of various drugs were seized along with firearms.

KPD says the following items were located and seized from a series of raids:

"6 firearms
-2 pounds of Cocaine
-76 pounds of methamphetamine
-238,000 fentanyl pills
-$18,000 in drug proceeds"
 The operation began in 2022 with officials acting on leads about a local gang that was involved in drug trafficking. The DEA was also involved. After the series of warrants were served during the raids, the following people were taken into custody:
"-42 year old Abel Rivera of Kennewick
-31 year old Teresa Sanchez of Richland
-46 year old Frank Humphries of Kennewick
-31 year old Ricardo Martinez of Pasco
-42 year old Lamarr Craig of Pasco
-39 year old Travis Dammarell of Pasco
-32 year old Christian Rocha Centeno of Kennewick"
  One other person is still being sought. These people are all facing the same 14-count indictment from the US Attorney's Office for the District of Eastern WA  ranging from conspiracy to distribute to distribution and other charges related to fentanyl and other drugs.
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  Authorities hinted there could be more arrests, the investigation continues.

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