Now that we’re officially in summer, it’s going to get even warmer. In the desert, hot days usually mean cool nights, but if you’re in the city, all that concrete and pavement just absorb the heat and keep the valley warm, which can be a real pain in the sweaty butt when trying to sleep throughout the night.

This morning, I woke up a sweaty mess. I forgot to crack open my bedroom window, and even though my house has a decent air conditioning and heat system, with our door close, it doesn’t really allow air to circulate. So, two humans and a dog sleeping all night can generate some heat, which also means not a very pleasant night’s sleep.

Some Tips to sleep cooler at night (thanks to WebMD), as well as my own life experiences, have prepared me, so now I just need to remember to implement them after I get in my pajamas and snuggle into bed!

Number 1 – AIR FLOW!

Of course, we all know about changing your thermostat or running an air conditioner. That’s pretty much common knowledge, but if those aren’t an option, hopefully, you can open a window or even get an oscillating fan in your room. (NOTE, if you open a window, make sure you keep some type of bar or block of wood to help prevent it from opening ALL the way and help prevent an intruder in the middle of the night).

Number 2 – Lights/Electronics Off!

They can generate heat; even a tiny lightbulb can eventually warm up. Not to mention if you’re someone who charges their phones at night, feel the wall wart plug-in in the morning… pretty warm! I’ve even gone so far as to change the type of lightbulbs in my bedroom (thank you, LED lights). Every little bit helps!

Number 3 – Bedding / Mattress

Not the ideal fix on a whim, but the type of bed you have can help. Many have air channels that can help keep the hot air away from you. When it comes to sheets, silky polyester sheets feel great… at first. They don’t breathe! Pillows are another challenge, memory foam is incredible, but they can trap heat! And don’t forget about the type of pillowcase!

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Number 4 – Shower!

Take a cool shower a couple of hours before you head to bed. If you hate showering at night, then just get a wet towel and wipe yourself down. Now some will say that a cold shower will warm you up, and that’s true, but it’ll help your blood get pumping and boost circulation to your limbs which, in turn, will help the body regulate its own inner temperature.

Number 5 – Heavy Drapes!

Another no-brainer, keep the sun out. Keep the room as cool as possible so it stays as cool as possible. If you don’t want to spend money on heavier drapes, just hang a blanket from the window. You don’t want that on your bed anyway; it’s hot!

Number 6 – Drink Water!

This is important at all times of the day, even before you go to bed. It is weird how much an air conditioner and even a fan can dehydrate you throughout the night. But staying hydrated will help you sleep at night and avoid waking up with headaches, dry mouth, muscle cramps, etc.

Number 7 – Freeze Your Sheets!

This is the weirdest one, but it is weird and awesome. It’s the same idea as microwaving/drying your clothes in the morning in the winter. If it’s cold, warm up your clothes to stay warm. If it’s hot, freeze the stuff you’re going to be wrapped in to stay cool!

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