Just when we thought the spy blimps were out of the news and public conscience. Okay, this video is CLEARLY, not a balloon. Not even four balloons when the video zooms in. They look too fast to be satellites but too slow to be typical aircraft. What could they be?

A video reportedly filmed over Menifee, California, is taken from inside a driver's car. You see the city landscape as the camera focuses on the sky. You can see bright street lamps, and past that, there is something in the sky.

Weird Lights Spotted in California sky
YouTube/UFO Sightings Daily

When the camera zooms in, you can see that it's not just one object, but two, then as it zooms in even closer, it looks to be four different lit-up objects in the sky close to one another.

Weird Lights Spotted in California sky
YouTube/UFO Sightings Daily

The full video (below) was recorded on March 6th, 2023, and was uploaded to UFO Sightings Daily a few days later. The description of the video reads:

"Eyewitness states: Strange lights over Menifee, Ca. Moved slow and appeared and disappeared , they seemed to become one then disappeared and one would reappear and the up to four. This happened about three times before disappearing into the clouds."
- UFO Sightings Daily

To me, they remind me of embers from a fire. Maybe a meteor is coming into Earth's atmosphere, breaking up and splitting apart. Or perhaps it's an object nicknamed a 'Boeing Bomb' (see this clip from the film Joe Dirt to get that joke).

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