I’m not sure what possessed me to keep going down this deep hole of internet mash-ups of music videos and genres. I’ve always been interested in it, and for many, they turn out great. It’s the musical equivalent of “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter! You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” It’s just fantastic!

I first took notice of the YouTube Page “There, I Ruined It” when they used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to recreate Elvis singing Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby’s Got Back. Then again, with AI Johnny Cash singing a musical melody including Aqua and Spice Girls. They were creepy, weird, and spectacular!

Elvis and Sir Mix-a-Lot
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Returning to my “big butt” deep dive (yes, that sentence sounded weird as I wrote it), I stumbled upon this alternative version of the excellent rap anthem from Seattle by Sir Mix-a-Lot. This version took the traditional song and set it to a beautiful orchestra arrangement. Instead of using AI for the voice, it’s just good old fashion singing! Check it out, and you might find a new appreciation for classical music… especially after the video mash-up!

Have you done a deep dive into musical mash-ups? What’s your favorite? Share the love, and Tap the App; send me a message letting me know which ones you find awesome!

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If you've never seen the original masterpiece from Sir Mix-A-Lot, check it out below!


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