Who doesn’t want to own a piece of American history? Okay, well, this probably wouldn’t be considered good ‘ol Americana to many folks, but it is significant. Kind of. Okay, not really. But still, it’s pretty neat to know that you own something you probably didn’t need and that you could have gotten cheaper from a different company run by an insanely rich person!

You should all know by now of the up-and-down drama with Twitter, or as the company is now known, X. Well, the company’s rebranding could be your chance to score some pretty blue bird stuff! CNN reports that X will be holding an auction starting on September 12th that will be run by Heritage Global Partners!


What kind of items are up for bids? Pretty much anything in the office that had a Twitter brand logo. Soda / ice dispenser, office furniture, DJ equipment, drum sets, lights, signs, video games, super villain-looking office chairs, lockers, espresso machines, and a lot of neon signs. That’s just naming some of the stuff in this roughly 600-item auction! Check out these 25 items that peaked our interests!

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Now that Twitter has become X, it is time for a rebrand. The company is putting items with the Twitter bird logo along with an assortment of office furniture and equipment up for auction. The bidding doesn't start until Sept. 12, but you can already browse the selection which includes a repurposed Montana barn, musical instruments and some unique styles of seating.

If I could pick one item to win, it’d be the Robin Williams wall tribute. That one is beautiful! So what would you like to have, and how much would you pay for it? Tap the App and let us know!

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