Theft is a growing problem nationwide, and there’s no single reason for it. But some retail chains have noticed theft increase by 4% because of a simple cost-saving practice they’ve implemented, and now word comes that Walmart may roll back that decision.

According to, a new report has shown that retail stores with self-checkouts have a higher loss rate.

Now, that might not come as a big surprise to many, but with the reason for self-checkouts being to save money on employee costs, it’s now a fine line between what costs more, the loss due to theft, or paying an employee.

Whether it’s unintentional theft (not scanning everything in your cart and walking out on accident) or the ole “five finger discount”, Walmart has started having “Hosted Checkouts” to help with the self-checkout process, as well as to keep an eye on customers. But it looks like that might not be enough.

Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images
Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images

Word now comes from Express US that Walmart is considering removing hosted checkouts in certain stores (Maine & Massachusetts) and has already done so in three New Mexico locations.

Could this mean that we’ll eventually get a more fully staffed department store, or will they continue to close stores like the one in Portland, OR, to combat theft? Only time will tell.

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