One of the newest businesses in Yakima is an excellent ‘hangout’ called The Chainsaw Cat. It started getting noticed in April of 2023 when the unusual name had people scratching their heads about what the new business would be.

Pet salon? Cat fight club? Video arcade? Bar? After all the hard work put into the location at 509 West Yakima Ave by Abiel Hoff and Traci Burnes, the place became one of the most remarkable and diverse venues in the valley.

portrait of a man and woman
Pic courtesy of Abiel Hoff

With the spot mainly used for concerts, sporting one of the largest stages in the Yakima Valley, The Chainsaw Cat has been home to many events. Dance shows, Vendor Fairs, open mic, comedy gigs, and Youth Game Nights!

Stage with music instruments
Pic Courtesy of Abiel Hoff

The next Manic Monday Youth Game Night is coming up on Monday, February 26th, from 6 pm to 9 pm

“Teen centered Youth game night at The Chainsaw Cat! Each person is allowed to bring one card or board game from home per night." - FB Event Page

The Youth Game Nights, hosted by Yakima’s The Catalyst, plans to do an event twice a month. Not much more is known at the time of this writing, but keep an eye out on the event’s Facebook Page.


"Youth game night centered around teens, but everyone is welcome."- The Catalyst

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Pic Courtesy of Traci Burnes

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