You might end up in fisticuffs...or eat gourmet Mexican food at Toca Madera in West Hollywood. Just ask the "Cash Me Outside girl" from Dr. Phil and OnlyFans celeb, Danielle Brigoli, aka Bhad Bhabie.

What had happened was...The “Cash Me Ousside Girl”, now known as Bhad Bhabie, and her boyfriend, Le Vaughn and friends were dining in the hot West Hollywood restaurant when a tussle ensued. This is according to TMZ.

Peek Inside Toca Madera, the Hot West Hollywood Spot Where Stars Love to Eat AND FIGHT
Toca Madera via Google Maps/Jason Koerner/Getty Images for TBT Magazine Powered By Berman Law Group/Canva

I am a huge foodie and am fascinated with the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and West Hollywood restaurant scene, so when I saw the story about the tussle on TMZ, I didn’t give a flip about the fight–I wanted to see which restaurant the fight happened in!

Enter Toca Madera in West Hollywood, stage right. A-List celebrities, including the likes of Nick Jonas and his wife, Priyanka Chopra, have been spotted eating at Toca Madera. It's a hot spot see and be seen.

What makes this West Hollywood spot so hot with celebrities? Take a peek inside and you’ll see why!



Inside the Hot West Hollywood Restaurant of Bhad Bhabie's Fight Toca Madera Menu
Toca Madera via Google Maps

Gourmet Mexican cuisine. Popular for their upscale vegetarian and vegan menu options. Fair warning: one look at the menu and your mouth might start watering. Don’t peek at the menu if you’re already hungry; you might become hangry! LOL!

Sides include truffle mac and cheese, street corn, black beans, and Manchego fries.

(My taste buds are ready!)



Bar at Toca Madera West Hollywood
Toca Madera West Hollywood via Google Maps

The names of the drinks will have you feeling like you’re taking a walk on the wild side. Do you dare to try a “Los Muertos”, with “el tesoro reposado barrel select, blood orange, lime, activated charcoal agave, hibiscus”, or something tamer like a “Winnie the Pooh”, that’s infused with chamomile and a bunch of other ingredients mixed with tequila?


The Dining Garden inside Toca Madera West Hollywood
Toca Madera West Hollywood via Google Maps

You can’t just show up to Toca Madera unannounced and expect to get a table for your and your group of friends. Reservations are required. The restaurant has a posh feel, and its sleek and sensual dark interior design will likely heighten whatever mood you’re in when you arrive.

Insider’s Tips: Don’t photograph any celebrities you might see, especially if you don’t ask them for permission first! Also, arrive at least 15 minutes before your reservation or you’ll be charged a cancellation fee. If you’re rude to any member of the staff, you’ll get kicked out. And no kids allowed after 7 p.m.


Dining Room inside Toca Madera West Hollywood
Toca Madera via Google Maps

The Infatuation calls Toca Madera a “clubstaurant” because sometimes it hosts a live DJ for customers to jam out to while they eat.

“Upscale, organic Mexican fare (including vegan options) & cocktails, served amid posh decor.” - Toca Madera


Other fun clubstaurants in West Hollywood include Ka'teen and Skybar.

Another popular place among the IT crowd in Hollywood is the SoHo House members club.

Soho House West Hollywood
Soho House West Hollywood via Google Maps
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