This may already be news to you, but have you heard that Jack-Son's Sportsbar & Clubhouse Lounge is permanently closed as of the last day of April 2020?

All signs point to yes.

The marquee sign that sits on the bar's property is blank. Rumors have been flying about on social media that this popular restaurant has closed its doors for good. A few DJs who have worked there presently and in the past have been commenting about the closure on their Facebook pages and in post comments.

One commenter said that they noticed employees removing furniture and other bar items out of the building within the last week. Another reported they saw someone taking down promotional flyers from the windows.

No doubt, the coronavirus shutdown has had some impact on the business owners of Jack-Sons. If the rumors are true, it will come as no surprise that another restauranteur has had to make some very tough permanent financial decisions because of COVID-19 pandemic repercussions.

There is no mention of any permanent closures on Jack-Son's Facebook page and the last post was made on March 14th, however, when you do a Google search, results show a picture with the words: PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

Google screenshot
Google screenshot

Several former patrons are expressing their sorrow over the permanent closure of Jack-Sons Sports Bar. It has hosted multiple comedy shows and comedy competitions. Some of these comedians have gone on to national fame, including local favorites Brad Upton, Bahiyyah Mudd, Kermit Apio and Jeff Dye (who was a contestant in one of the comedy competitions even though he didn't win).

DJ Nahum Ray was "discovered" there by a former radio station general manager who ended up hiring him to join the popular morning show on 107.3 KFFM. I personally spent two years being a DJ at Jack-sons to help make ends meet shortly after my daughter was born.

I remember going to Jack-Son's for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer 25 Cents night, which my friends and I lovingly dubbed "going to PBR Bible Study". When I first moved to Yakima, I used to go to clubbing at Jack-Son's with my friends every Saturday night. Radio station 94.5 KATS hosted "Monday Night Football" there for many years.

Good times, good times. Jack-Son's, you will be missed!

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