If you want to see scenes shot right here in Yakima in the new James Franco movie, you'd better be ready for a road trip.

Franco directed and acted in the movie "In Dubious Battle" that had scenes filmed in Yakima in September 2015. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by John Steinbeck.

The plot revolves around apple pickers in California in 1933 and involves the infiltration of a small political operative whose approach is fighting for workers’ rights against a local landowner.

It features big-name stars like Franco and when they filmed the scenes in Yakima, Franco along with Bryan Cranston and Vincent D’Onofrio were in town.

The film was been making the film festival rounds, but now it's finally getting theatrical release in Washington state.

Sadly, though, not in Yakima.

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The bad news is that you'll have to road trip to Kent to see the movie. The good news is that you'll see plenty of Yakima folks as extras and some of the scenery of the orchards you'll recognize, perhaps making it worth the trip to the west side.


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