I just saw it again. Someone on TV doing something that most DON’T do – drinking Dom Parignon.

The Champaign of Champaign’s. That familiar gold label made famous by wine and carbonated crafting monks in France.

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I mean, I am not a prude. I like nice things. I am often accused of having a “Champaign taste” on a “beer budget”. I am also not a contrarian. I just know what I like – and Dom Perignon is NOT one of them.

At my previous job, I used to get Dom from clients. At first, I didn’t know what to do with it. Drink it? Save it? At an average cost of $150 a bottle, it was a debate worth having. I mean, I used to see the elite on TV and Movies enjoying Dom, it throwing their heads back in laughter as if life was a party. I wanted that. So, in an obvious attempt to prove the images wrong, I planned to share a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon with friends at an outdoor Shakespeare Festival in California. We packed it in a basket and headed to the venue.

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We found a spot on the grass, spread the blanket and enjoyed some snacks during ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ and cracked open the Dom. I popped the cork and poured all four glasses. We toasted each other, clinked our glasses and sampled the elixir of the elite. As we lowered our glasses after our sample, we looked at each other as our faces drew themselves with looks of confusion. Wait, Dom is supposed to taste good, right?

Why am I NOT throwing my head back with laugher at the joy of drinking the elixir of the elite? Why weren’t we basking in the glory that is the most “superior” Champaign? What was wrong with us?

Haute Living Haute 100 Dinner Presented by Dom Perignon

Disappointment the word du jour. It was awful. How could a $150 bottle taste like a $5 bottle?

I don’t know, but all four of us agreed. Dom Perignon, way overrated.

Lucky for us, my friend happened to have a bottle of Ballatore in her bag. A solid Plan B. Also a $5 bottle. I uncorked it as we had nothing to lose. Could it be any worse than the overrated Dom?


We sipped it and laughed at the irony of the $5 bottle tasting waayyyyy better than the $150 bottle.

Goes to show you, it’s not about what others like – its’ what you genuinely like and enjoy and not what you are supposed to like.


All My Best,

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