Part 2! As we celebrate 'Murica this weekend, here are some great examples of how awesome it is to live in America. We should celebrate our freedoms because as you will see, not all countries enjoy the freedoms we have here in the US!

How You Wear Your Hair

Aside from your clothes, you hair is one of the best ways to express yourself.  Trends come and go and come again. No matter the latest fad, you can wear your hair however you want in America. However, in Iran, if you wear other than the “norm”, punishment awaits for those who sport mullets and fauxhawks. In North Korea, you can choose from 18 approved hairstyles. Go outside that, be prepared for a visit from your friendly, compassionate North Korean soldier (s).

Murder Trial Begins In Assassination Of Walter Luebcke

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The Right To A Fair Trial

In America, we have the right to a speedy and fair trial with a jury of peers (jury duty anyone?) Usually 12 jurors will do the trick. That’s a good thing. In Spain, you may or may not get a jury. In some countries like South Africa, you get the judge ONLY. Better hope that judge has had a good day before hearing your case.

Seattle School Bus Delivers Lunches To Kids During Coronavirus Shutdown
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The Right To An Education

Your tax dollars pay every American child to get an education. In many countries, children often work to help support the family. In some countries many barriers exist to repress many from an education including women.

RBC Heritage - Final Round
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Freedom Of Information

In America, we have the Freedom to Google! In many Middle Eastern countries, they restrict or limit access to the internet. China is extremely repressive when it comes to information since most of the media in China is government run. This leads to propaganda to support the views of the government.

Hong Kong Marks 23 Years After Its Handover To China
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Freedom From Unlawful Searches

I love it when I hear, “Got a warrant?” on TV shows and movies. That’s someone exercising their rights. In America, if the po-po (police) show up at your door, they cannot legally enter unless you invite them in.  If they do have a judge issued warrant, that’s a legal search. A warrant are rare and are the exception to the rule. Requiring a warrant adds another layer of accountability within our judicial system to keep us all honest. If a judge is convinced from a police authority, a warrant will be signed and a search can be done legally. The 4th Amendment protects all citizens from unlawful search or seizure. This includes your home, car or person.

Canada and The UK have similar models. China is one of many countries that can search you, your home or belongings at any time without cause or reason.

Lots of reasons to be thankful for being an American!



Enjoy The Rest Of Your Independance Day Weekend!

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