Use it or lose it. An old phrase. We live in a place that is without a doubt, the best country to exist in human history. Not perfect, but still the best when it comes to freedoms. Let's look at some of our freedoms we take for granted and how "freedoms"  are managed in other countries.


The Freedom To Drive Where You Want

In America, we have the right to travel unmolested by authorities. This is not the case in some countries. In some countries in the middle East, women are NOT allowed to drive. Saudi Arabia just recently "allowed" women to drive. Some countries have checkpoints all along thier main routes. In China, there are cameras EVERYWHERE. In some cases on main roads they are every 100 yards. And the Chinese authorities use them to catch violators and help control behaivor. In America, you can travel across all 50 states and not be bothered with checkpoints and required paperwork. You, your car and the open road. That's freedom baby!  This is the part where you utter the words, 'Murica!

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The Freedom To Name Your Kid 'Moxie CrimeFighter'

Penn Gillette is the tall talking half of the famous Magician duo Penn & Teller. He named his daughter "Moxie Crime Fighter Gillette". Why would someone do this? Because, Murica! He has the right to do so! In countries like North Korea, Japan, Germany, Iceland and many others, your name must be approved. Elon Musk recently named his new baby  "X Æ A-12 Musk." He got some pushback from authorities but ultimatey named his child what he wanted cause, 'Murica! And Musk can afford the theapy bills that will be coming his way in about 18 years. In America, we have the right to name our kids what ever we like. That's a good thing. 'Murica!

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Freedom To Wear What We Want

I mean we can't go sans clothes, but we do have the freedom to wear what we want. In countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia even in France, you can be fined or jailed for wearing, "The wrong thing". Think about that next time you dust off that Von Dutch hat from 2005. Just don't actually wear it. That's NOT 'Murica.


The Freedom To End A Relationship / Divorce

Here in the states, divorce is about 47% common. In some countries, like Uganda and the Phillipines, getting a divorce involves getting permission from the governement to dissolve your realtionship. In some cases, divorce isn't an option. We enjoy the freedom to end relationships in our interest.

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