Justin Moore headed to his Instagram on Jan. 31 to share some downright nasty pics of an injury that took place at a photo shoot for his upcoming album Late Nights and Longnecks.

"Anything for art," Moore wrote alongside his bruised leg. "First time in my career I’ve been stepped on by a horse during an album photo shoot. Lol. Hopefully, we got the shot though!"

Nearly a month later, Moore admits that it still hurts.

“Yeah, it’s still pretty sore,” Moore tells Taste of Country about his leg, ankle and foot, which took the brunt of the mishap. “It looked pretty nasty when it first happened, but it’s getting better. It’s definitely on the mend.”

Granted, Moore still sounds like he can’t believe it actually happened

“I have ridden horses my whole life, so I have always understood the risk,” says Moore, who recently released a new song titled “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home.

“But we were doing the photo shoot, and when I say that, I mean we were taking pictures at my house. My wife was there when it happened. My wife tried to get me to go to the hospital. I’m kind of an idiot.”

With Moore currently out on tour with openers including Cody Johnson, Riley Green and Eric Paslay, the injury has meant a few changes to his concert footwear.

“The first weekend afterwards, I had to wear tennis shoes,” Moore recalls. “Now I’m trying to wrap it up so I can get my cowboy boots on.”

Moore was wearing those cowboy boots on Thursday night (Feb. 21) at a show in Chicago and luckily, he seemed to almost be back to his old self.

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