We asked you to submit your name and phone number for another edition of Random Acts of Bullness -- this time for goodies from Viera's Bakery and a chance to meet me. And you delivered!

I wanted to do this round of Random Acts Of Bullness so I could get out and meet our fantastic listeners, and starting off this week hasn't been anything short of perfect. From the moment I set foot on the property of LP Body Shop I was overwhelmed with excitement, but unfortunately, Dana wasn't there when I first stopped. The rest of the shop was jazzed to have me show up, though!

Dana was out running an errand when I got there, and her coworkers said: "She is ALWAYS HERE, I can't believe she isn't here." Now that I was armed with this information and already knowing that she listens to the Bull EVERY day, I hung out in the parking lot to wait ... for about 10 minutes. And then she came back! I let her walk in and I ran in behind her, and even though this was my second entrance it was just as special.

Thanks, LP Body Shop, for entering! If you want a visit from me head to our website and let me know where you work and when is the best time to show up!

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