Lady Antebellum find themselves at a night club in their "You Look Good" music video. The country trio are on stage, performing their current single while a beautiful brunette heads to the venue to hear some live music. As she walks in the door, heads turn, and many men find themselves hoping for some time on the dance floor with her.

The woman heads straight for the bar for a seat up close to the stage, and as she watches Lady A and their band perform the sultry horn-fused track, she catches one man's eye. The dance floor is packed, so when he approaches her for a dance, she turns him down despite his best attempts at convincing her otherwise.

As the man walks away and the song comes to a close, a "to be continued" message pops up on the screen, suggesting that there's more to the story than meets the eye. Watch the story unfold above.

"You Look Good" is the lead track off of Lady Antebellum's forthcoming project Heart Break. The album includes two songs inspired by their families.

“There’s a song that we wrote that’s about our kids that’s really special to us,” Hillary Scott tells Taste of Country. “It’s about our kids, but I feel like it can be about anybody that you love.” In addition to writing a song about their children, Lady A made sure to focus on their significant others when in the writing room.

“There’s another song we wrote that’s about each of our spouses,” Scott adds. “I think definitely one of the biggest blessings about this break was that we got to live and make memories and obviously had things going on, but have really great quality time with our families. When you’re just living life, you have ups and you have downs and that’s where we find our inspiration from.”

Lady Antebellum's Heart Break comes out on June 9.

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