Leavenworth's annual Christmas Lighting Festival begins this weekend, and will continue the weekends of Dec. 13-15 and Dec. 20-22.

I have yet to attend one of these Christmas Lighting Festivals in Leavenworth, but have heard nothing but incredible things about the experience and the beauty of it all.

Leavenworth.org asks that you: "Join us for the most wonderful time of the year, when our quaint Bavarian town becomes a Village of Lights (over half a million of them!) and holiday cheer abounds!"

As you can imagine, there will be lots of people from all around the state and beyond attending this festival, so traffic will be heavy at times. The WSDOT took to social media today to warn drivers that "The popular event brings a lot of traffic that gets heavy heading into town leading up to the festivities. We encourage travelers to prepare for longer travel times on Friday and Saturday, stay attentive and keep plenty of room between you and the car ahead of you as you travel the mountain passes. Once in Leavenworth be prepared for flagger controlled traffic and lots of pedestrians."

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