There isn't a holiday spread in the United States that doesn't include Sprite of some sort. Fantastic by itself but the perfect compliment to any mixed drink or holiday punch or what any family may have as a tradition in their home. Sprite just hits different during the Christmas season and with the addition of a limited edition flavor of winter spiced cranberry, that name, alone, just screams that the Christmas season is upon us.

I'm starting to see this flavor pop up in local stores across the United States and right here in Yakima so I figured I'd have to give it a try.

Upon that first crack of the can, that initial FIZZ that would make Snap, Crackle, and Pop cower in fear, and the soft pouring into a glass, I was surprised to find that this is still colorless. With cranberry adding to the flavor sensation, this Limited Edition Sprite looks like any other Sprite. That could be a great thing if you decide to use this as your mixer as it won't change the color of whatever you're making, but will still add that extra zing to make any mixed drink Christmas-themed.

It's smells fantastic. Still has that lemon-lime note that only Sprite can provide. Not too sweet but also not in your face about it. The perfect amount. but it also has that slight Christmas undertone of cranberry and... something else. I can't quite place my finger on it. It's not nutmeg, it's not exactly pine, but it's something that makes me reminisce about the holiday season. It's definitely a memory.

I took a sip and had to pause. This also tastes like a memory. So much so to the point where I forgot what I was doing so took another sip. It's like a Christmas punch or mixed drink, but it's already mixed for you. I was concerned that the cranberry flavors would be too overpowering but it's quite the opposite. They're there, too, but Sprite is still the star of the show. It's extremely complimentive.

Whether you're using this in your next holiday get-together or just want to enjoy a twist on a classic favorite, Sprite Winter-Spiced Cranberry is here for now so enjoy it while you can.

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