Lindsay Ell has found comfort in her fans after her breakup with popular radio host Bobby Bones.

Bones confirmed the news to listeners on his morning show on Monday (Oct. 23), saying he feels as though he's holding back her career. The host claims competing radio stations won't play Ell's music because of their association. The couple has been longtime friends, but only officially dated for a year.

Ell turned to Instagram the day after the news broke, sharing a black and white photo of herself looking downward with a solemn look on her face, not making eye contact with the camera.

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"Life is hard sometimes ... and doesn’t always go the way you want. Love should always win, no matter what. But life isn’t always in our control. This isn’t what I wanted," she says honestly. "But thank you for all your love and support over the past few days ... you guys make me strong."

"We started dating and I was like, 'We probably should think about this before we date because it could hurt your career. Other radio stations, Spotify, they're going to hold it against you that you're dating me. I don't even know these people but they're going to hold it against you.' And they did," Bones explained on Monday's show. This harsh fact became a reality over the summer when a station in Sacramento canceled Ell's appearance, allegedly due to her relationship with the iHeartMedia radio host, as reported by the Washington Post.

“It felt like, all of a sudden, you can’t be a powerful female with goals and dreams and date another powerful person,” Ell told the Post in the days following the controversy. “It’s frustrating to me because I feel like it shouldn’t matter what a guy or a girl [does] in their free time — that shouldn’t affect their business.”

Ell has also toured with Bones' musical comedy act, Bobby Bones & the Raging Idiots, and recorded a song with the duo titled "Be Nice." She released her debut album, The Project, in August of 2017, and it went on to peak in the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Independent Albums chart and No. 4 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

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