I came across a survey today that says "98 percent of people say that they eat at least one sandwich every week." Based on that, I've yet to meet my quota for the week -- LOL.

So, it got me thinking ... what's the best sandwich shop in Yakima? Me, I'm a fan of Jimmy John's ... BUT, I love supporting local "mom & pop" shops, and they typically have amazing sandwiches! So, what is your favorite sandwich shop in Yakima? We asked this question on the air this morning, and got the following suggestions:

  • Sandwiches at the Firing Center Chevron (51 Firing Center Road, Yakima)
  • Chicken Salad Sandwich at Ballesteri's (4001 Summitview Ave, Yakima)
  • Sub Shop (20 N. Second Ave., Yakima)

Any others? Tell us in the comments below ...


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