My mom is the sweetest and one of the funniest women I know. I get my sarcasm from her. In all my years, I have NEVER heard her say one bad word – EVER. She is straight as an arrow. She just doesn’t understand why people would say such things. I have tried to tell her that studies show that cussing releases stress and lower blood pressure when things are tense. Yeah, she ain’t buying it.

Me on the other hand, I have had my share of flowery language. A few years ago, one of the first times I used some in her presence, she was appalled. She asked me with a complete impassioned plea, “Why would anyone want to say things like that?!? It’s ugly! I don’t like that!”

Honestly, I kinda felt bad. I thing she was a little disappointed with me. I think now at this point, she is getting used to it me using flowery llanguage.

Every now and then, I trick her into situations in an attempt to trick her up. We both now look at this as a game. She is aware of what I am trying to do. I have been trying for several years and she just won’t be tricked.

FYC Screening Of Pop TV's "Schitt's Creek"
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In fact, the other night, Lisa and I were watching one of our new favorite shows, ‘Schitts Creek’. It is a hilarious sit com found on Netflix. It’s got a lot of flowery language, so we respect her by watching it in our room. But on this occasion, we were in the living room watching it. Lisa paused it for a moment and the title came on the screen. I had to give it a shot. Here it is…

Good for her. Mama Show didn’t cave! She is so true to her principles. She continues to inspire me. Even in adulthood. If you are keeping track, here is the score...

Mama Show 17

JimShow 0


All My Best,

The JimShow


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