The Mayor of Selah just took on Gov Inslee and clarified her stance on Inslee's 'Stay At Home Order'.

Selah Mayor Sherry Raymond released a proclamation Friday responding to Gov. Jay Inslee's guidelines for reopening and enforcing the new phases. It looks like we may have a David vs. Goliath situation on our hands.

In her proclamation , Maror Raymond states, "The Governor does not have the legal authority to force Selah’s municipal employees — including its police officers — to take action against anyone.  Irrespective of whether the Governor’s Proclamations are or are not constitutional and also irrespective of whether such Proclamations are or are not logical, the simple fact is the employees of Selah do not work for the Governor.

Those wishing to operate or patronize a business, to conduct or attend religious services, to use park facilities or to take any other action that was lawful prior to the Governor’s Proclamations, will not be harassed, investigated or punished by any City of Selah employee."

Selah Mayor


In her proclamation, she states that the Governor does not have the authority to force police or city employees to take action against anyone. David just called out Goliath. We know how that story turned out (for you agnositcs, David Won. Goliath, lost his head. No really, David took it for a trophy)


In the statement, Mayor Raymond states All departments of the Selah municipal government remain open for business. Read the entire proclamation at the link below.


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