Let's be honest. Inslee's The Stay At Home Order is not working.

Let me ‘splain.

Phase 2 begins on Tuesday which most restaurants will open with limited capacity, but people are realizing that the idea of staying home week after week after week just plain sucks. They are pent up and ready to be out enjoying life again. Rona be darned (Hey, it’s a family show, ok?)

As an example, over the weekend, there was a gathering at the “3 Eyed Fish” restaurant in Richland. Around 200 people were in attendance. Keep in mind, they are offering take out and deliveries only at their establishment during this time.

Owner Cindy Gulet’s restaurant has a very large parking lot which people had been gathering in, on their own over the past week tailgating, enjoying takeout from 3 Eyed Fish.

After talking with her staff, Cindy said “I had the idea of inviting those who tailgated, to join us over the weekend and enjoy music and be together responsibly - while practicing social distancing in our very large parking lot.”

It’s about a quarter of a mile long. That’s a HUGE lot. And people filled it.

Cindy was surprised by the demand. She did not expect 200 people to show up. Including a few that did not appreciate the gathering.

Those who were concerned, called the Richland Police Department. After initial contact with Cindy, RPD left requesting that all “to be safe” and that they will not enforce the Stay At Home Order at this time.

Their statement read, "RPD encourages members of the public to contact the Washington State Department of Health with any related concerns."

Cindy said she was appreciative of the RPD’s response and demeanor during the encounter. She said they were professional, courteous and appreciated their response.

Gov Inlee's office released a statement that said "all complaints about groups of individuals violating the order should be made to local law enforcement.”

And there’s your hole in Inslee’s Stay At Home order. As well-meaning as it is, we are finding that Gov Inslee’s order is one where police are hesitant to enforce it. Can you blame them? I mean, some are arguing that the order itself is illegal. With some Sheriffs Departments are announcing that they will not enforce orders in their state.

Police are human too. No one wants the threat of force. People have the right to idiots – and they practice it early and often. As much as we don’t like it, it’s their right.

No matter where you stand, Mask or No-Mask, one thing we can all agree on – we all want this whole thing to be over.

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